Sunday, July 28, 2019

Recap of work over the last month

We had a lift here for four weeks (minus Sundays, Tuesdays and bad weather days when we did "no work" days). During that time we tried to get to all of the high places that needed our attention such as windows, window trim, replacing/repairing roof shingles, painting cedar shakes, etc.

Here are the after pictures of the work that we did. We did not have enough time to replace damaged cedar shakes or to paint everything. It will have to wait until the next time we have a lift. Chris was also able to get some point work done on the tower foundation. Now that the lift is gone we will focus on the things we can get done from a ladder, scaffolding, or on the ground. The goal is to get as much of the outside work done before fall arrives.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Window work

We mainly got the lift so that we could replace shingles that were blown off the roof by previous storms. Although I had to wait for the shingles to arrive, now I need to wait for a better weather day to replace the shingles. So we decided to tackle some other projects we wanted to get done with the lift. Our windows are in desperate need of some TLC. There were large gaps between the window trim and the bricks. We have been filling those gaps with spray insulation foam to reduce cold air flow during the winter and to keep bats from find ways to enter the house.

After spraying foam insulation into the gaps I added additional trim to close the gaps between the existing trim and the bricks. The windows were then caulked and painted with a bonding primer.

(You can tell which ones were primed- they are the crisper white ones).

There are times when my first design needs to be redone. Several years ago we put windows in the greenhouse off of the kitchen. My first design looked crappy but I could not reach the windows by ladder or scaffolding, so with the lift here I am redoing the design. In the future, I will be able to maintain the windows from the inside of the greenhouse (or sunroom).

(Note: the boards are not part of the design. This was my attempt to close the opening before a major storm hit last night. I was in the lift when the winds and rain descended. Needless to say, I got wet.)

The forces of nature

I remember as a child I would lay on my parents' front lawn and look at the clouds. I was fascinated by the various shapes the clouds would make.  I still find cloud formations to be interesting, but sometimes there is a price to be paid for the privilege of having such fascinating clouds. Several weeks ago I noticed these ominous clouds hanging over North Central Missouri College (NCMC) which is a block from our house.

We are halfway through our monthly rental of the lift. So far we have had 10 rain days out of our first 14 days (I'm hoping the next 14 days will be better, but the forecast is not in our favor). It makes working outside a bit difficult since we have to work around thunderstorms and major downpours. Still, we keep moving forward.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Moving forward

We have a lift being delivered this week. We will be making repairs on the outside of the house for the next month. I will be posting pictures of our progress.

A New Beginning

We had this chair in the parlor that was upholstered with a striped bluish-grey fabric. Because the fabric was old and worn we covered it with a blanket. Chris removed the old striped fabric and the various layers of fabric that were under the striped fabric.

She covered the chair with a floral fabric. It adds a colorful touch to the parlor.